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It has been a little while indeed. The last post especially dedicated to this blog dates back from July, right after my last and clean scan. Well, I must admit that summer was just a great time around here and kept me pretty busy! I was able to enjoy life to the fullest with my little boys in the beautiful outdoors of Southeastern Virginia. As I am writing this post, the weather here is still gorgeous and it is another amazing fall day.

The latest medical news is good: I am healthy and my labs showed that my white blood – which was a bit low last time – is now back up. As you may imagine, I feel relieved, grateful and immensely blessed. I will now be able to keep my always-anxious-mind at ease for a few months, until the next appointment with my oncologist. As I was trying to explain in this July post, this time again I had to face another huge peak of stress before the appointment. And this time again, “things” aligned a certain way (the right way I would say) to lead to these good health results.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you have a great day, or when you receive good news, some coincidental details arise? Like some signs sent at you to comfort the idea that everything will be fine or the way it is supposed to be? Well, this is how I feel today.

Today, in addition to being the day I met with my oncologist for my quarterly checkup, it was also the day my lovely wife’s mother was born, 68 years ago. And it brings me peace to think that this coincidence in terms of date might be the sign that, from where she is at right now, she is looking over for us.

Today, it was also the date my sister-in-arms and shipmate Shericka was laid to rest, a few days after cancer took her last breath. Despite the tremendous sorrow of her passing, I know this is the sign too that we will stay connected, somehow, forever.

Ultimately, today was a very special day. Call them coincidences, signs or divine intervention, it doesn’t really matter. To me, what does matter is to acknowledge what we see, notice and experience in these very special moments, without trying to find a rational way to explain what is happening. And if it leads to something good, to be grateful for it.

All along my cancer journey, so far, I have witnessed several similar moments. Despite my very logical and objective brain, these experiences have helped me to progressively accept the fact that I am not always in control (I can hear my lovely wife singing Alleluia right now…) and that I have to have faith that, in the end, everything is going to be ok and will work the way it is supposed to.

See you for the next story.

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