Light The Night 2015

Hi All,

Last weekend, for the third year in the row, we, as a family and a team, had the chance to celebrate remembrance and hope at the 2015 Light The Night Walk in Hampton Roads, VA, and support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

To me, the walk this year was special for a few reasons.

First because this year, I lost three brothers and sisters in arms to cancer. Like me, they were all young adults with young kids. Their passing has saddened me immensely. They are now, with their families, in my prayers every night. Forever. So the walk this year was a humble way for me to honor their memories.

Secondly, the local chapter of LLS decided to use my personal story to promote this year’s walk. As such, I was made the “2015 Honored Hero” and over the last few months, I have had some opportunities to talk briefly to diverse audiences, tell about my cancer journey and how LLS has been helping me and my family along the way. To me, being able to be an advocate for this great organization and give back has been an extraordinary honor, and a life changing experience. So that moment, last Saturday, on the stage, standing in front of these people and saying a few words as I was trying not to be too emotional will stick forever in mind.

Lastly, this year new team mates joined us, and among them, a few fellow survivors. It was an inspiring and humble experience to welcome them to Team Lou Pitchoun USA, and I hope these new friendships will continue for many years ahead, the same way the core of the team has remained together since 2013. So to the new and the old team mates, thank you so much!

Concretely, we raised $1,339.00 this year, which brings the total since 2013 at $6,445.00. This is amazing! While some of our donors have been loyal to our team for the last three years, we also welcomed new donors for this fundraising season. We are very grateful and touched by their generosity. It is thanks to all of them and their support that LLS is making a difference in the fight against blood cancers and in supporting patients and their families.

This year, we also had a chance to try new fundraising projects, like the Craig List garage sale, or the online BVB Jewelry fundraising. Hopefully the lessons learned from the 2015 season will lead to increased results next year. As for now, since our fundraising page with LLS is still open until December 31st, we will continue some projects for the next months. We will post more updates on our Facebook page.

Further, I would like to specially thank my step son, Braden, for volunteering for so many hours on the day of the walk, and help make it a wonderful event.

Downtown Norfolk was a great new venue this year. I think we all enjoyed walking and owning Granby Street for a few hours 😉

I truly hope that next year’s walk will be even better, thanks to the local LLS staff, thanks to our donors, and thanks to our team mates.

Thank you so much to all of you and see you next year!

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