Previous Years

Since 2013, Team Lou Pitchoun USA has been participating to the annual Light The Night Walk in Hampton Roads, Virginia, in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), to help fund the research to end blood cancers but also help patients and their families. Since 2013, thanks to our generous donors and our amazing team mates, we have been able to raise a total of $10,448.45!

In details, per year:
2013: $3,611.00
2014: $1,495.00
2015: $1,439.00
2016: $700.00
2017: $390.00
2018: $1,332.00
2019: $1,481.45
2020: Covid…
2021: Covid…

In 2015, the local chapter of LLS decided to use my personal story to promote the walk. As such, I was made the “2015 Honored Hero” and for a few months that year, I had some opportunities to talk briefly to diverse audiences, tell about my cancer journey and how LLS has been helping me and my family along the way. To me, being able to be an advocate for this great organization and give back has been an extraordinary honor, and a life changing experience. So that moment, that Saturday October 24, 2015, on the stage, standing in front of these people and saying a few words as I was trying not to be too emotional will stick forever in mind.

Thank you all so much for your support, and if you would like to join Team Lou Pitchoun USA for future projects, just contact us HERE and we will be happy to get you onboard!