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Bonjour à tous!

Summer has finally arrived in Southeastern Virginia. The good kind of summer though. Not the one humid or muggy (yet!) that we know too well around here, especially in July and August. This great weather gave us lately the chance to enjoy the outdoors with my Lou Pitchoun : biking, pedal boating, fishing, enjoying the parks here, some local festivals there: just cool stuff with my little ones (and my wife too!). Feeling very grateful and fortunate for this great time with them.

Last weekend, we even participated in a one-of-a-kind Super Hero party, organized by… my oncologist and his team! Yes, you are reading this right. Let me explain it to you.

My Doc, in addition to being an oncologist, is also the head of the transplant program at the cancer care center where I go. And as the head of this program, he, with the help of his amazing nurses – Cindy and Xuan – hosts a party every year, at his house and at his own expenses, to gather all transplant patients (former or present patients) and have some good time all together. Isn’t cool? Do you know a lot of doctors and/or nurses who do that? I personally did not before I met this team; this Super Hero Team who saved my life.

Prior to the transplant process, I already thought that my Doc was a great Doctor. This Super Hero party just confirmed the great human being he is too. And in case I did not say it enough before, his nurses – Cindy and Xuan – are the greatest nurses ever (with Nila too).

As a Super Hero party involves Super Heroes costumes, needless to say that our little ones had a blast there, and so did we. Very grateful to be able to enjoy such a nice party in a warm summer afternoon. Also very grateful that, in this journey, the Good Lord put this Super Hero Team on our path.

As always, please keep in your prayers my friends who are still battling: Sego and Shericka. They can both use lots of prayers right now. Thank you for them.

See you for the next story.

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