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Hi All!

A few weeks ago, after I was finally able to put into words my last post about the month of April and the passing of my friend Sam, I was reminded – again and again – that writing through this blog has had a wonderful therapeutic effect on me. I started this project a little over a year ago, after the bad news of my relapse. At first, I didn’t really know exactly what to do with it, but I started to build the blog and the designing part of this project got me very excited and motivated (learning something new!), thus in a very positive spirit for my second battle with cancer.

Later during treatment, on the eve of the stem cells transplant process, it appeared very clear in my mind what I wanted to write about and how. This led so far to about 50 posts and a chronological string of stories revolving around this part of my treatment and the subsequent recovery. But for the last few months, between some bad news from friends and some personal mental struggle with anxieties, I have felt stuck with this blog. Then recently, I found new inspiration and motivation. I realized I could write about other things than just cancer and my recovery. Having read numerous sea stories books over the last year, I thought I could share some of mine too (and try to keep them appropriate – there is a challenge here!), and maybe try to write in my native language too, as a way to feel closer to my native country that I miss.

But to give a new momentum to this writing adventure, I needed a new format for my blog, something that would give me more freedom for the features and the content management I wanted (the old web platform was too restrictive). So I started a re-designing project over the last few weeks, and after much Do-It-Yourself learning experiences (which often translated into “what in the world did I get myself into?”…), here it is, the brand new Lou Pitchoun USA blog!!! I hope you will enjoy the format and the new features – one of them is the possibility to sign up for new posts updates via emails directly (and more new features will come soon hopefully).

As I discussed with a fellow survivor the other day, having a cool project to work on helps keeping the brain busy, therefore it helps fighting the permanent anxieties by thinking about something else, much more enjoyable. It is also a way to project myself in the near future, and in my case, to be able to do that again is priceless. Another positive step forward.

So I hope you will enjoy this new format and everything positive and new that will come out of this project. I am sorry I was not able to transfer all the comments from the old platform. Maybe it is another sign that something new needed to happen. Only the Good Lord knows.

As always, please keep in your prayers my friends who are still battling: Sego and Shericka, and Katie who is now on the path to recovery after “a few” bumps on the road.

See you for the next story.

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