D+28, The End Of The Treatment

Hi All.

I know, it has been a while since I wrote here. First, thank you so much for your interest and your support. Earlier last week, we reach 1,000 unique visitors and 3,000 for the last month. That is huge to me. Thank you again to you. So, since last time, many things happened.

But since my father-in-law left, I got caught up with the everyday’s life at home, plus other projects I had on hold.

So last week, I had my catheter removed. What a joy to finally be able to feel normal again! And take showers without having to tape a piece of plastic on my chest to keep that thing dry. What a relief.

On Monday, it was D+28, technically the last day of medical follow up for the stem cells transplant. It was kind of my graduation day. I was a little bit emotional thinking it was the end of a huge chapter of my life. What a journey. And now I am supposed to move on to whatever it is that I have to do, which is recovery for now.

Indeed, my energy levels are not back at the top quite yet, and there are not expected to be until the next few months. So I am still learning to balance my time and energy between what I would like to do and what I am able to do. A new learning process that can be frustrating at times. I guess I have to be patient. Again, I am so grateful for my lovely wife who, during this time, is handling the home and the kids like a pro. I couldn’t do it without her.

Lastly, today I did have to go back to my cancer care center to check my white blood again, because it has not been at the levels my doc wanted it to be, and the good news is that today’s count came back excellent, so I don’t have to come back to see my doctor until next month. This is huge.

Now, next step will be to check with a scan that the whole treatment worked. That will happen sometimes in couple of months. Until then, please keep me in your prayers asking for a complete remission. I am not going to lie, I will be more relieved when I know the treatment fully worked.

Until then, I will take a break from writing in this blog in order to focus on other things. I will come back here with news when they arise, or maybe to write a little bit about our current fundraising project.

Thank you again for your support and your interest.

See you for the next story.

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