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Hello all!

As I am finally feeling much better, I am trying to take advantage of still being off work to post more on the blog. Thank you again for your interest and support. Don’t forget to check out the “Team & Charity” page on our website, and especially our upcoming event in November to support the fight against blood cancer and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

So I thought I would recap some numbers to give you an overview of what a cancer journey is in terms of medical numbers. The period is from March 2013 until today (meaning more numbers will add, but not to the point that it will change the overall).

– 7 surgeries
* 4 biopsies operations
* 3 operations to install/remove medical port/catheter
– 3 different chemotherapy treatments
– 27 rounds of chemo infusion
– 9 months of actual treatment
– almost 60 days spent at the cancer care center
– 20 sessions of radiation
– 3 CAT scans
– 4 PET scans
– an insane amount of blood drawn for labs
– an amazing amount of support and Love
– an incredible level of health care at Virginia Oncology Associates, all the Bon Secours facilities, especially DePaul Medical Center and Maryview Medical Center, and Sentara Norfolk General and Sentara Leigh Hospital

Oh, and of course, millions of hair lost 😉 But you know what, they will grow back, eventually, and maybe blond and curly! That would be interesting…

See you for the next story.

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