So Long Cancer: Special Sunday Motivation

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for you are with me”

Psalm 23:4

Today I am finishing high dose chemo. To me, it means that cancer is now on its knees, agonizing and about to die. So it is time to say a definitive bye bye to this feared enemy. In French, there is a specific word to say bye bye to someone, without the intention to see this person again: it is ADIEU. Today’s song is called “Concerto de l’Adieu”, and it is the way I chose to say ADIEU to cancer.

My French military shipmates will recognize this concerto. It is the soundtrack of the movie “Dien Bien Phu”, the decisive battle of the French Vietnam war in 1954 (Indochina at that time), that eventually led to the French withdrawal and the end of the war (long before the US decided to intervene…). In the movie, the concerto is played in Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, while the battle is raging miles away. The purity and the lightness of the violin is opposed to the grave, deep and loud complaint from the rest of the orchestra. The fury and the violence of the war versus the peace and the innocence of this violin.

As my war against cancer is finally coming to an end and that my full victory is now in sight, may the beauty of this violin be the dawn of a new life. So long cancer, time to go now.

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