Macarons Day

Hi everybody!

First, thank you again so much for your support, your kind words and interest in this blog. It means a lot to me and my family.

So last time, I was at the bottom of the wave, starting to paddle to reach the top and surf again. Well, a few days later, I am very happy to announce that I am getting there (to the top of the wave :-).

Indeed, for the last three days, my white blood counts (immune system) has doubled everyday. Okay, I started from zero, so it is still very low, but I am getting there. I will eventually post later a graph to show you the big depths of having no immune system and better illustrate what I am talking about.

I still lose my hair, still have difficulties with taking normal showers due to my catheter, still have a hard time typing because of neuropathy, still nauseous and tired most of the day, but you know what, it doesn’t really matter, because only the steps forward matter.

So for today, I just wanted to share the good news! And to celebrate, my family has a very special way: we buy delicious macarons for all special occasions. If you are locals to Hampton Roads, VA, the macarons are from Hummingbirds Macarons in Chesapeake, VA (their Facebook page here). They are the best ever!

Enjoy, and see you for the next story.

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