Plumbing Day

While the factory is progressively coming up to speed – got more shots today to increase stem cells production (see yesterday’s post), I had plumbing day today.

Indeed, I had a quick surgery to have a few pipes/hoses installed in my body. Yes, really! In other words, I had a special catheter put in place in my right upper chest. This will allow the nurses to collect my stem cells more easily next week, but also to draw blood and give me drugs and medication. With the amount of things I will need in or out of my blood stream for the next few months, it makes sense to have a catheter instead of being poked by needles a few hundred time, doesn’t? I like it better too!

Quick surgery. Checked in at 0900 and got out at 1230. Of course, like any surgery, there is always some discomfort. But you know what the best part of a surgery is? The sedation! That gets you high! But keep that for you, I don’t want to be in trouble…

Lastly, I would like to clarify something about the treatment. Some of you might recall that I already went through one chemo this year, and then I was declared on remission. So why this high dose chemo and stem cell transplant? Well, the first chemo was to make sure that it was working on the cancer, like a warm up round before the actual big gun fire. Indeed, if the first chemo didn’t work, there would be a big chance that the high dose one won’t either. Makes sense?

All right, weekend now. Time for some good healing.

See you for the next story!

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