Bye Bye Red Wine

Good morning everybody!

So now that the stem cells collection is done, I am having a break until the big stuff begin. I will not have any major medical treatment for the next two weeks (Alleluia!). This will allow the Red Cross to process my stem cells so I can get them back after the high dose chemo (you remember the big picture?). And this will also allow me to get ready for the big fight.

Since the chemo is going to hit pretty hard to wipe out all the cancer cells, it is better to be in good shape prior to starting the battle. So I am preparing my body to brace for the chemo. Nothing crazy though, just common sense: eat healthy, exercise a bit (taking care of the kids is my physical exercise), sleep well and so on.

But the problem is that, apparently, some natural enhancer beverage I used to have on a daily basis has been banned until my treatment is complete. What a surprise when I learned about that! What harm could a daily glass of red wine possibly do? You hear everywhere that the antioxidants found in red wine are good for you, and now I cannot drink it anymore? Really? Has my oncologist forgotten that I am French? Grrrr…

Of course, I didn’t mention anything to my nurses last week or yesterday when I got labs done (am I not smart?). But then my caring and lovely wife thought about it, and insisted on me calling them to ask if alcohol was okay at that stage of the treatment. And of course I didn’t call 🙂 She did 🙁 And guess what? No more alcohol…

So today I say bye bye Red Wine. Maybe one day we will be friends again. For now, I have big things to accomplish before I can celebrate with your company. No, I am not mad at my wife, because she will not drink either during that time. Isn’t she great? And in the big picture, it is so little to give up in order to gain so much. As always, I feel fortunate. Can you imagine people who have to quit smoking during treatment? I have already done that two years ago and it was tough enough.

Bye bye Red Wine! And to all of you, have plenty of drinks on my behalf. A votre sante!

See you for the next story!

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